20Nm. Hw Tenby 0940 Lw Milford 1600.

Leave Tenby about HW +1.5 hrs and make use of the ebb tide for the passage which will bring you to Milford Haven entrance as the tide changes.

Caldey Sound is well buoyed and then set course for St Govan's Head. If the weather is unsettled it pays to give St Govans a 3 mile offing to avoid the overfalls, as with Crow Rock off Linney Head. There are firing ranges at Manorbier and Castlemartin and it is prudent to check with these in advance to obtain advice (ch 16). Although they claim to maintain a clear range procedure and fire only when the area is clear of shipping, in practice you will be pressured to pass outside the firing limit which could take you six or seven miles offshore. Make allowance for this when planning and adjust accordingly. They ranges do not operate in August and do not start until 10am when in operation. This may affect your choice of timings.

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