The passage to Ilfracombe is quite straightforward and is made completely on the ebb. Leave Watchet at local high water and you will reach Ilfracombe about an hour before low water. There are 8 yellow visitor's buoys in the outer harbour with for and aft moorings and a few in the inner harbour. Boats unable to take the ground can lay against the inner harbour wall but phone ahead to make sure there is room!

On arrival from Watchet you will need to anchor in the outer harbour to await the tide. (When the tide covers the white painted step on the left hand steps there is generally sufficient room to move in and pick up a buoy.)

You will need a dinghy to get ashore, especially at neaps when the water doesn't leave the outer harbour.

There are public toilets or the harbour master will give you a key to the yacht club for the use of their facilities.

Watermouth Cove is one and half miles East of Ilfracombe and the entrance is difficult to see when coming from the East. The cove has a number of permanent moorings in a drying harbour but it is possible to stay afloat on a visitor’s buoy in the pool. See Cumberlidge’s Pilot book for details.

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