The History and Aims of the Boat Owners Association

The formation of the Watchet Boat owners Association can be traced back to 1875 and has evolved in differing forms to the organisation of today. Further details can be found in this Document.

The WBOA Constitution is detailed in this Document

Our aims are to organise, encourage and support all forms of amateur boating activities from Watchet Harbour & Marina while actively encouraging and promoting participation in those activities by all sections of the community without exception.

We also provide and maintain storage, launching and other facilities for the use of all Members, without discrimination, and for the use of voluntary and charitable organisations deemed worthy of such support by the Members.

We maintain contact or affiliation, nationally and locally, with organisations that represent allied interests and to liaise, on behalf of its members, with owners, administrators, managers and tenants of the harbour.

Details of our heritage appear in the "About WBOA" publication, also linked above. These documents include the "Blue Book" and an article concernining the "Watchet Sailing Club"
Blue Book Cover and a letter, both relating to the "Bristol Channel Yachting Conference" taking place during the 1950s. The other item is an early letterhead of the "Watchet Sailing Club"