England again goes into lockdown.

The Government has issued guidance which states that "you must not leave or be outside of your home except for specific purposes" or exercise. The Royal Yachting Association has also issued advice to boaters based on what the Government has said. Essentially, to quote the RYA; "members may be able to access boats for essential checks and maintenance, however, this will need to be agreed with their club/marina/harbour authority, with individuals taking personal responsibility for meeting Government guidance". As a result, the WBOA committee suggests that members will be able to access the Yard during lockdown in order to check on their vessels and carry out essential checks/maintenance if needed. However, it is vital that all members abide with the 'Hands, Face, Space' Government guidelines should they visit the Yard. It must be noted that Brian Rich, our Yard Officer, will not be available to assist in boat movements throughout the lockdown. Additionally, rowing will be suspended during the period of the lockdown.

Stay safe and well everyone!

Please review guidlines published by WBOA for their Members safety at:

WBOA Covid-19 Safety Document November 2020

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